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magicJack Communication Device

The magicJack is a device that connects a phone line to a home computer, allowing phone calls to be made for free or for very economical rat...

FrontlineSMS Text Messaging System

FrontlineSMS is a text messaging system designed for NGOs that enables instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale.

Frogtek Tiendatek Microretailer Software

Frogtek's Tiendatek software allows micro-retailers to record all store expenses and revenues directly on a mobile phone or tablet.

ZMQ M-Virtual Classroom

ZMQ's M-Virtual Classroom is a learning content delivery concept in which the learning process is flexible, accessible and personalized.

EkGaon CAM Mobile Services Framework

CAM is a mobile information services framework for rural areas in the developing world. The CAM framework consists of the CAMBrowser, a sing...
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