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Kickstart MoneyMaker Hip Pump

The MoneyMaker Hip Pump was developed to create a lower cost and lighter weight, portable pump. Sold in a bundle together with the hose pipe...

Ossian Agro Automation Nano Ganesh

Nano Ganesh is a GSM Mobile based remote control system that allows farmers to control their water pumps from any distance.

S.K.I. Metal/Zimbabwe Treadle Pump

The Metal/Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is used to lift water from shallow wells and surface sources and can be maintained at low cost in developing...

Sunlabob Solar Water Pump System

Sunlabob's Solar Water Pump System is supplied with power directly from a solar array and pumps water when the sun is shining. It is more e...

DIY - Practica Foundation Rope Pump

The Practica Foundation Rope Pump is a do-it-yourself household level pump for drinking water and small scale productive use in areas with w...

Waterbuck Pump

The Waterbuck Pump is a human powered, deep well hand pump that can pump up to 30 gallons per minute without electricity.
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