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DIY - MIT D-Lab Corn Sheller

MIT D-Lab's Corn Sheller is made of sheet metal and can be constructed using locally available materials and methods.

Maya Pedal Bicycle Mill/Corn Thresher

The Maya Pedal Bicycle Mill/Corn Degrainer can mill 3 pounds per minute of any type of grain and can degrain 12 to 15 quintales (1 quintal =...

Full Belly Project Universal Nut Sheller

The Universal Nut Sheller is a hand-powered device that can shell 125 pounds of peanuts per hour, and can also shell a number of other crops...

Bully Tools Broadfork

The Bully Tools Broadfork is designed for easy hand tilling and aerating by using your body's natural motions and weight in concert with the...

Hand-Operated Corn Sheller

This hand-held corn sheller removes kernels quickly and easily for moisture samples or seed corn.
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