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Adaptive Eyewear U-Specs

Manufactured by Adaptive Eyewear, U-Specs are low-cost universal spectacles with adjustable refractive powers.

VisionSpring Reading Glasses

VisionSpring reading glasses and sunglasses allow people to restore their productivity and/or protect their eyes from dust and harmful UV r...

Adaptive Eyewear Eyeglasses

Adaptive Eyeglasses are spectacles that use adjustable lens technology so that wearers can determine and fix their own prescriptions.

One Dollar Glasses

The OneDollarGlasses are manufactured on bending and milling machines specially designed for this purpose. The spectacle frames consist of a...

EyeNetra Netra-G

EyeNetra's Netra-G quickly measures for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism on a mobile phone.
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